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Marine Products

We stock paint, antifoul, anodes, and painting accessories (including brushes, rollers, putty, masking tape etc) and are authorised resellers for Jotun, Wattyl, Altex, Hempel & International marine coatings.  We are also authorised agents for PropSpeed.


Jotun - for marine paint & antifoul    Wattyl - for marine paint & antifoul    Altex Marine Coatings    Hempel Marine Products    International Marine Coatings & Yacht Paint

Oceanmax - Propspeed 
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 Wattyl Marine Coatings  Jotun Marine Coatings  PropSpeed Kit  Epoxy Resin & Hardener  Paint Brushes, Rollers, Putty etc  Anodes

Marine Paints, Antifoul, Timber Preservers, Resins, Putty, Paint Brushes, Rollers, Anodes etc

PropSpeed really works!

Results of Propeller painted with PropSpeed
The same propeller about six months later -
see the difference between the propeller and its surrounds (where propspeed wasn't used).

Propeller just painted with PropSpeed
This propeller has been cleaned and painted with propspeed by a qualified propspeed applicator at Bundaberg Slipways.

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